Mar 11, 2008

Card Chess

photo by Alexander Dzhantimirov
Imagination solves almost all
(the coordinates are wrong, but who needs perfection?)

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Bogenseeberg said...

Hello! I couldn't find a place where I could add a post to Trabsact Sagme Diaries so I'm writting here. I'd like to suggest a new chess game called "Friendly fire chess".
Its rules are the same as ones of the common chess but one more two more are added.
1) While your move you can capture not only your opponent's chessman but also your own instead.
So, if you think that you can check your opponent's King by capturing your own pawn - you're free to do it! Though you don't have to.
2) Still, the King CAN'T be checked by his own chessmen, otherwise, any game would have started with a double check which is unacceptable. So the chessmen still protect the King, though the King has a right to capture his chessmen, for exaple, the King may capture a Rook (which has made castling with it) while it's checked and the Rook is not threatened.

Those rules make the game easier to check, but also easer to escape the checkmate, so it is kind of interesting and good enough to play "some other" kind of chess with similar rules.