May 24, 2004


Trabsact Sagme was (will be) the Earth's first Exoludologist. She was born around Ulan Bator in 2293. Since her infancy, she was very interested by all knowledge created and gathered in the 20th and 21st centuries about abstract board games, a subject almost forgotten on those exciting days. Alien civilizations were found across the big black sky, and Humanity finally read Encyclopedia Galactica. After collecting the most important games on Earth, she decided that her life goal would be to study games from alien civilizations. She was one of the few people with the right to enter into some alien homeworlds. It was no coincidence the ones allowing her to enter were exactly the ones which had more respect about abstract board games. Some of the civilizations she visited:

  • Civ-3: They use trilogic as a foundation for all mathematical activities, i.e., instead of true/false logic, they use true/false/unknown.
  • Konn'ex: They see all objects and concepts as connections of others, and their games reflect these way of seeing things.
  • Zet: Everything is a part of something. Their games, usually create complex pieces from atomic ones.
She found many resemblances with Human games, especially in connection and pattern games, namely, Hex and Gomoku were found in almost all home worlds (however in different board sizes and move equalizers). Curiously, no game similar to Chess was ever found!

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