Feb 14, 2005


Here is an idea for a double Mancala game played with two concentric rings:

 3 3 3 3 3 3   A's outer board (3 p/cell)  K J I H G F
3  4 4 4 4  3  A's inner board (4 p/cell) L  D C B A  E
3  4 4 4 4  3  B's inner board            e  a b c d  l
 3 3 3 3 3 3   B's outer board             f g h i j k

0. The rules of Wari are used, except:
1. The movement is around the board of the emptying cell only.
2. For his move, a player may transfer any number of stones of a friendly cell to one or more adjacent friendly cells of the other board. If this move is made, the player must pick and transfer one of those stones to the opponent as a captured stone.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting Game!

Which friendly cells do you consider as adjacent?