Jul 28, 2005


In the SAS post, the traditional Cul-de-Sac game (check also Quoridor) gets more movement and some extra powers to improve the game dynamics.

Well, after some experiences, the powers got larger and deadlier, so RAMBO Walls appeared. The rules are the same, but the game needs a larger board (13x13) and have some extra powers (each player, initially, gets one of each):

* Grenade (explodes half a wall which cannot be rebuilt)
* Archway (prevents a wall between two cells)
* Jeep (the piece moves 3 times in a single turn)
* Rope (the piece jumps over an adjacent wall)
* L-wall (drops a L-shape wall with 2 half-walls size)
* Pivot (a wall with a friendly pivot in its middle can rotate 90º)
* Obstacle (a cell with an obstacle needs a full turn to cross over)

As in SAS, every power deployment substitutes the typical wall drop.

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