Jun 26, 2008


[A game between checkers and Othello sent by Giuseppe Acciaro]

The game is played on a 9x9 square board, where both players have 18 stones placed initially on their first two rows. There are four special red squares at D5/D8/B6/G6 (these are the coord given by the author, but they do seem too asymmetric).

Soldiers move vertically and diagonally. They capture with jump vertically and diagonally forwards. Capture is mandatory.

A Soldier that reaches the last row becomes a King, moving like in International Checkers except that it must land in the first square after each jump/capture.

When exactly one piece is between two enemy soldiers (orthogonally or diagonally), it changes color. If the piece is between at least one enemy King, then it is removed from board.

If any piece lands on a red square (either by move or capture) it is captured and removed from the board.

A player wins if the adversary cannot make a valid move.

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