Mar 20, 2012

Board Games in Oriental Exposition

From an oriental art and culture exposition at Lisbon (it was a surprise visit, so I only had the camera from my cell phone)

There was a Xiang Qi:

A board of Makru, the Thai Chess:

And a strange board that I don't recognize (the label was wrong, it said that was the Makruk which cannot be right):


João Neto said...

Does anybody knows what is the 3rd board? It seems like a Mancala, but there are too few pieces there (perhaps the game set is incomplete).

João Neto said...

[answers from Google+)

Víktor Bautista i Roca:

Palanguzhi (= many holes). In fact, it's more a box of games. On the cover you have three games, at least one more if you flip the cover, and a mancala game inside. It's a quite typical game box from southern India.

Damian Walker:

Something similar is illustrated in quite a few of R. C. Bell's books on board games. The grid on the lid is for tablan. On the flip side are a pentagram, an extended alquerque board and an hourglass-shaped boar, for the games of lam turki, lau kati kata and cows & leopards (says his book Games to Play, pp.90-91).

Scrabble Online Against Computer said...

I thought the third game was Mancala. Is it different? Seems to certainly come from the same general idea and theory.