Mar 22, 2013

Wu Lu

Another game that I couldn't find any digital info. Fred Horn sent me the next information:

 And the rules in English:

  • WU LU is played with 6 Pawns for each Player. 
  • These 6 Pawns are placed in front of the Player, sitting left and right, on the Board upon the six indicated points at their side. 
  • Alternately each Player moves in his Turn one of his Pawn to an adjacent free point in any direction, but jumping is not allowed.
  • Players try to capture an Opponents’ Pawn by encircling with 3 or 4 own Pawns, so this Opponents’ Pawn cannot move any more. This Pawn is captured; out of the Game and removed from the Board. 
  • A Player with only 3 Pawns left on the Board loses the Game.

Be careful! When trying to capture one can be taken by surprise.
The most valuable points are those on the second line.

Translated from Dutch to English by Fred Horn  (12/02/2013)

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Anonymous said...

this game is also known as "watermelon chess" as a sort of translation of the original chinese name