Apr 12, 2013


Rules of play
A strategy game for 2 players from 8 years and up.

1 game board with 6 x 6 spots
36 playing pieces in 6 different colours

Object of the game
The first player capturing 3 times 4 playing pieces of 1 colour wins this game.

Start of the game
1.      Put the game board on the table between the players.
2.      Each player receives 3 playing pieces of each colour.
3.      Draw lots to decide which player may start. Turns are taking clockwise.

Course of the game
1.      In turn a player puts one of his playing pieces (he may choose any colour he has) on a random empty spot on the game board. There are only two exceptions:
·         It is not allowed to put more than two playing pieces of the same colour beside each other.
·         It is not allowed to put more than three playing pieces in one line.
2.      When a player puts a fourth playing piece of the same colour on the game board to make a parallelogram he captures these 4 playing pieces by taking them off the game board.

Some examples of winning patterns:

© January 29 – June 21, 2012, Fred Horn & Sjaak Griffioen

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