Jun 10, 2013

Wit Begint en Wint

Feed Horn sent me information about a 1986 game compendium written in Dutch, called "Wit Begint en Wint" (White moves and wins). Here's a pdf with photos of its pages. Most of the games are well-known but some are inventions of the author Marius van Leeuwen.

Here are the pages of his original games and a brief description for each:

Hexagon -- Every connection between 2 opposing (corners belong to both) edges generates a Win.
There is also a more difficult variant: 3 edges must be connected and the corners are neutral (fig.3).
This Game has more to do with HAVANNAH from Freeling than with HEX.

Capture -- Similar to Hasami SHogi but with no fixed start-position. First the Players put the stones to their wish on the Board and then the Players in their turn make an orthogonal move with 1 stone going to an adjacent square. Capture as in the figures.

Eieren Rapen -- This is a NIM-game. All eggs are covered with a Chip. Loser is the Player who, in his last turn, must take the Chip from the broken egg. In a Turn a Player takes, to his wish, as much Chips from an egg as he wants out of a Row or Column (not necessarily adjacent).

Langste Adem -- Start on the indicated ring. In a Turn place your next Chip adjacent to your last played Chip . Player who cannot play in his turn loses. This is like POINT-BLANK  or as a reverse (take away) like ISOLA.

Connection -- This is the Connection game, but with different board size and probably previous to the commercial McNamara's game from 1991. Of course 1960's Bridg-It predates both

Carre -- The goal is to make as much squares as possible out of 4 or 8 own pieces on the board. Squares cannot be orientated diagonally. This is a little bit similar to the game Pagode.

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