Jul 11, 2013


Another game sent by Fred Horn. This Game for two players was exhibited 1984 in Amsterdam.

The rules translation from Dutch:

STRAAT is a Puzzle-game for 2 Persons.
16 Square Pieces, each on 1 side half-Black/half-White and on the other side 8 total-Black and 8 total-White.
Play-frame of 4 x 4 Squares from transparent material (glass/perspex/etc.) .
Transparent lid to cover the Pieces after filling the frame.
One Player takes the 8 all-White- the other the 8 all-Black-Pieces.
White starts. In his Turn a Player lay down one of his Pieces to his wish anywhere on the Board, according to the grid. The orientation is up to the Player.
When all Pieces have been placed, each Player counts his Straten (Streets) –a connection of opposite edges with his color- , place the lid and turns the Board over and also counts his Straten on the back.
Player with highest sum WINS.

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