Apr 2, 2007


[by João Neto] In normal Chess you choose a piece, then you move it. In Chosen Chess, when it's your turn, you move the (previously chosen) piece, then you choose another piece (for the next move).

  • In the first move White choose a (movable) piece, then Black do the same.
  • In the subsequent moves players move the chosen piece (if possible), then choose a different piece.
  • No Check, checkmate or en-passant.
  • Castling is a King move.
  • The player that captures the adversary King wins the game.


J. Mark Thompson said...

What happens if the chosen piece cannot move? I suppose the player just doesn't move any piece that turn?

sLx said...

Yes. If the player cannot move the chosen piece, he does not move any piece in that turn.

Harald Korneliussen said...

An interesting reply to the "choose the piece your opponent will play" idea.