Apr 30, 2007

Board Games Studies 2007 (part 1: The Games)

Last week at St. Pölten, a small city near Vienna, it took place the 10th Board Games Studies Colloquium. It is a chance to meet several different people around board games (historians, inventors, collectors...). Here are some games that I found out there:

These first two are two games rescued from the Netherlands's patent office in the 80's by Fred Horn (a prolific game inventor, a jazz musician and a great guy). The first game (for 2 or 4 players) uses a Go-like rule to capture every group that's unable to move. The second uses hidden-information so that the special stone can move into the farthest cell (jumps over enemy stones flip them and make them friendly pieces).

This is an old Stratego-like game:

This is a new edition of a card set designed by Descartes himself (!):

A geometrical game where players have an equal set of pieces all with the same volume (48 units) and each piece cannot be adjacent to another piece of the same height or color and identical pieces must be placed differently (the picture shows an invalid position, both yellow pieces are placed in the same position).

This next one is a connection game called ConHex by Michail Antonow:


Nicholas said...

Yowza. Where did that conhex board come from? Can it be purchased? It's beautiful.

sLx said...

At the Colloquium it was being sold by 40 euros. Perhaps you could try to contact the author.

Shinermons Games said...

I think ive just blocked myself up on the blog (what does blog stand for anyway) so let me just say hi. The game looks really good, i think it might have been on youtube, but i couldnt get it. Yeah, i am a brilliant games designer but i know nowt about computers! If you want to see the limit of my computer sills just see the website shinermonsgmes.co.uk. Nah, its not that bad! Ok, i guess ive controvened a dozen thingamajigs but its the best (only thing) i could find to use to say hello after messing up my blog!

Shinermons Games said...

nothings working!