May 5, 2010

The Game

Fred Horn showed me a picture of an old 1970/80's abstract game called "The Game"

He mentioned the rules orally, as he remembered:

The board starts empty and each piece (each player has five) enters in the player's corner.

On each turn, each player enters a piece off board or moves one friendly piece.

A piece moves [up to?] five cells in orthogonal directions with, at most, two changes of direction [no jumps allowed, it seems].

One piece may land in top of another. The pieces not in the top of a stack become blocked.

A stack can have, at most, three pieces. When a stack of size three is made, the piece in minority is captured.

When all the player's five pieces are on the board, the player cannot stop a friendly piece in his own corner (but it can move the piece thru it during the move sequence).

Wins the player that moves one of his pieces to the enemy's corner.

Any extra information about this game is appreciated.

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