May 5, 2010

Games @ BGS 2010

In the Board Games Colloquium (BGS) it is always easy to find new abstract boards and ideas about games. Let me give a sample of this year, in Paris:

Herein you can see a game from Fred Horn, which basically can be seen as a Mancala kit.

These squares can be placed in any order the players like and every mancala board can be built this way. Of course, this game material can be used into many other types of games.

Here you can see Fred Horn (in the left) playing Fianco, another of his games:

A very interesting game is Nonaga, a 2008 invention by Víktor Bautista i Roca:

Visually, this reminds Zèrtz, but in this case, we have a pattern game and the board only changes shape (it does not decrease in size as in Zèrtz).

More info in, Juegos de Ingenio, Pseudolog.

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