May 22, 2011


Anyone knows Dutch German?

[Feb 2013] Fred Horn was kind enough to translate the rules:


A Tactical Game for 2 Persons from 8 years on, with both two Knights and nine Squires.

Aim of the Game is to get your Knight occupying the Opponents Knights’ start-position; or tocapture the Opponents’ Knight by jumping over or in the same way capture all Opponents Squires.

The two Knights (Balls) start, at the beginning of the Game, on their same colored Field (Cirkle), the nine escorting Squires start on the 9 surrounding yellow Fields (Cirkles).
Players draw who begins and then Turns go alternately by moving in his Turn one Piece of the Players’ color. Moving goes in all directions, including diagonal.
A move is only to a next, free adjacent Field (Cirkle).
When it is a Players’ Turn and an Opponents’ Piece is adjacent to one of his Pieces and the Field (Cirkle) behind is empty, The Player MUST in this Turn jump over the Opponents’ Piece.
This Piece is captured and removed from the Board.
Does the Players have more than one opportunity to jump he is free to choose which capture he wants to make.
Only one Piece can jumped over and it is not allowed to jump over your own Pieces.
Knights can move or jump to all Fields –a color does not count-, but Squires are only allowed to occupy their own yellow Fields(Cirkles)-their start-position- or the grey Fields(Cirkles) =No-Mans-Land=. The Squires may jump over an Opponents’ yellow Edge only, when after the jump they occupy a grey Field (Cirkle).

Winning is by 
  1. capture of the Opponents’ Knight; 
  2. capture of all Opponents’ Squires or 
  3. moving the own Knight on to the start-position of the Opponents’ Knight.
Translated from German to English by Fred Horn 12/02/2013

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