Aug 10, 2015


A post by Fred Horn

A board-game by FRED HORN © 1991

Goal of the GAME:

To conquer with one CAMEL the opponents green home-field or to capture the four opponents CAMELS, which are able to conquer the home-field.


1 board consisting of two parts, each with 11x5 fields and two additional parts, one 11x1 fields and the other 11x2 fields.



Placing the animals: CAMELS and DROMEDARIES are placed conform the drawing, as are the ROCKS. Direction of play of a players animals is indicated through their placing on the fields. Opponent animals are facing each other.
The ROCKS are blockade pieces and do not move.
Before starting the game players decide on which board they will play.
The standard-size is 11x11. Use the two parts of 11x5 and in between the 11x1 part.
By choosing the 11x12 board, use the two parts of 11x5 and in between the 11x2 part. The 11x13 board can be made by using the two 11x5 parts and in between both additional parts.
Moving the ANIMALS:
The CAMELS walk 2 fields orthogonal and then 1 field diagonal in all directions.
The DROMEDARIES walk 2 fields diagonal and then 1 field orthogonal in all directions. Pieces on the board, animals and rocks, are obstacles that cannot be passed when moving an animal. Each field can only be occupied by 1 animal.

The youngest player starts by moving one animal, after which move his turn ends.
The other player then moves one of his animals after which move his turn ends .
Players then have alternating Turns and in their Turn move one of their own animals.
Capture: An opponents animal can be captured when the move with a players animal ends on a field occupied by an animal of the opponent. Player decide if he captures or not.

  1. When all four opponents CAMELS, which are able to reach players home-field, have been captured the game ends and the capturing player wins.
  2. Conquering the HOMEFIELD: When, at the end of a move with a CAMEL, this CAMEL reaches the opponents home-field the game ends and the player who succeeded this Goal wins double.

Fred Horn

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