Aug 10, 2015


A post by Fred Horn

A Checkers-like board game by Fred Horn © 1982

Game-Board  &  startsituation

 36  Disks ;  18 Black  and  18  White


=  White starts, then Turns alternate.
=  In his Turn a Player can either move or jump with 1 of his Disks (or “Sjek”s).
=  Moving is always forward to one of the two adjacents crossings when these are empty.
=  Jumping over an own Disk is too always forward to an empty crossing (direct behind
     the own Disk) in the direction of the jump.
=  Jumping over an opponents’ Disk to the next empty crossing can be done forward as
    well as backwards and is obligatory when possible.
    The opponents Disk is captured and removed from the Board.
=  In a Turn, multiple jumps are not allowed.
=  When the Player has more than one  option to capture a Disk, he may choose which
     one is for him the most valuable option.
=  When a Disk reaches the last row of crossings it is promoted, by placing another Disk
     of the same color on top, making it a “Sjek”.
=  A “Sjek” can move in any direction in a straight line over empty crossings, to land
     were it chooses, on an empty crossing.
     It is not allowed to jump over an own Disk, only when the “SJEK” can act like a normal
     Disk, thus jumping over an adjacent Disk and only  forward to an empty crossing
     direct behind.
=  When a “Sjek” in his Turn jumps over 1 (and only 1) opponents’ Disk, this Disk is
     captured and removed from the Board.
     If such a jump is possible it is obligatory.
=  Player who captures all opponants Disks WINS the game.
     When neither Player can reach this goal the game is a Draw.

Variant Rules: Play the game using the ‘normal’ rules for Checkers.

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