Dec 9, 2020

1915 Corona

Corona (Crowns) is a game from 1915 which the next picture were sent to me by Fred Horn.

It states it was manufactured by The Corona Company, game producers from Los Angeles, with a copyright from the 1910s (it's hard to see).

The picture of the board gives an extra clue, the copyright was from June 1915,

The printed rules are,





If we zoom in the top of the pieces box, we get some hard to read information,

But we find an alternative name, 'Crowns'.

Using this information I went to Google patents and was able to find patent US87328614A from U.C.Upjohn, an application filed in Non, 21, 1914 and published at 1915-06-29, which corresponds to the board printed text.

The board and patented ruleset is as follows,


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Jhoseph Manrovickz said...

It is a very nice game; I like the mechanics of racing games like Chinese checkers or Jump; This game is original because of the black holes that allows to punish the pieces of the other players. I don't know why but I have a hunch that the central grid should expand to a 9 by 9 square board; which would be like a board of 11 by 11 squares, removing the corners and adding five black holes separated equal distances or adding 9 black holes, at equal spaces. With this we could add the rule that a crown could be placed in a black hole, but if another piece falls on it, inside the black hole, the piece would be punished by going back to the beginning. I don't know, I haven't tried it; but it makes me an interesting game.