Nov 21, 2005

Election Games (2/4)

Hexagonal boards are very nice to play these games, since they have 3 natural directions.

3-HEXAGONAL ELECTION (121)* progressive mutator

On each move fill any empty cell or cells with your symbol.

In a hexagonal board there are three directions (in the following board, one horizontal and two diagonals). The actual board has some cells removed so that all lines have an odd number of cells (to prevent draws in the ownership of those lines):

  . . .    1
 .   . .   2
. .     .  3
 .   . .   4    
  . . .    5

A majority friendly cells in a line win that line for that player.
A majority of parallel lines win that direction for that player.
A majority of directions win the game for that player.

Game sample:
                B's      J's
abcdefghi     ================
  j b j    1.  f2       c1  e5
 .   b b   2.  b4       h4
. b     j  3.  f4  h2   g5
 b   b j   4.  e1       g1  i3    
  . j j    5.  c3       resign

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